Must-Do Important Articles of The Indian Constitution

Important Articles of the Indian constitution asked in different government exams and competitive exams like UPSC CSE, CDS, NDA, EPFO, APFC, SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS, RAILWAYS, ALP, STATE PCS, RRB NTPC, JUDICIARY EXAMS and Others.

important articles of the Indian constitution
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Indian Constitution Important Articles

SubjectArticles of the Indian Constitution
India i.e. the Bharat shall be the union of state 1
Formation of a new state on the recommendation of the president 3
The citizenship of India 5
Accepting foreign citizenship will terminate the citizenship of India9
Rights of citizenship 10
Parliament has a right to create any law regarding the citizenship of India11
Right to equality (14-18)
Right to freedom(19-22)
Equality before the law and equal protection by law14
Prohibition of discrimination on the ground of sex, religion, cast or place of birth 15
Equal opportunity in public employment16
Abolition of untouchability17
Abolition of Title 18
Six rights of freedom known as cluster of freedom19
Right to Information19(1)A
Freedom of press19(1)A
Protection of life and personal liberty21
Right to privacy 21
Right to education21A
The government provide free education and food for a child between 6 to 14 years21A
Prohibition of human trafficking 23
Prohibition of child labour between the age of 6 to 14yrs 24
Legal Right / Right to Property31
Right to freedom of religion25-28
No tax on religion 27
Constitutional rights or power of the supreme court to protect fundamental rights (Also known as Heart and soul of the constitution) (also called constitutional remedies)32
Directive principle of state policy36-51
State to secure a social order for the promotion of the welfare of the people38
Certain principles and policies followed by the state39
Equal justice and free legal aids39A
Organization of village panchayat40
Uniform civil code for citizenship44
Provision for free and compulsory education for children or primary education 45
To prohibit the consumption of intoxicating drinks and drugs 47
Duty of the state to raise the level of nutrition, and the standard of living and to improve public health47
Organization of agriculture and animal husbandry48
Protection and improvement of the environment and safeguarding of forests and wildlife48A
Protection of monuments places and objects of national importance49
Separation of the judiciary from the executive50
Promotion of international peace and security51
Fundamental duties51A
President of India52
The executive power of the president53
Election of president54
President must not hold any office of profit58
Oath of President60
Impeachment of president61
A presidential post can’t vacant62
The Vice president of India is the 2nd largest post63
The Vice president is the ex-officio chairman of the state council64
the Vice-President to act as President or to discharge his functions during casual vacancies in the office, or during the absence, of the President65
Election of vice president66
Dispute regarding the election of president and vice president case solved by the supreme court 71
Judiciary power of president/power of the president to grant pardon72
Council of ministers74
Appointment and dismissal of the council of ministers75
President appoints the prime minister75
Attorney general of India76
PM communicates with the president about all the decisions taken by the council of ministers78
Constitution of parliament79
Council of states80
Council of the house of people81
Speaker and deputy speaker of the state council89
Speaker and deputy speaker of the house of people93
Vito power of the president111
Ordinary bills of parliament107
Presidential power to call a joint sitting of both the houses108
Money bill of parliament110
Appropriation Bill (that allows to withdraw money from the consolated fund)114
Financial bill117
Court not to interfere in any procedure of parliament122
Presidential power to bring an ordinance123
Supreme court124
Dealing with sedition124A
Appointment of the ad hoc judges127
The Supreme court will be the Court of record129
the Constitution declares Delhi as the seat of the Supreme Court of India130
Original jurisdiction131
Appellate Jurisdiction134
Revisory jurisdiction137
Writ jurisdiction139
Advisory jurisdiction 143
Comptroller and Auditor General of India148
Governor of states153
The executive power of the governor 154
Appointment of governor 155
Term of office of governor 156
Qualification of governor 157
Oath of governor 159
Power of governor to grant pardon 161
Governor will appoint the chief minister 164(1)
Advocate general of the state 165
Duties of chief ministers167
State legislative council168-212
The Governor of a state promulgate an ordinance 213
High court of states 214
The union territories239-242
Gram sabha243A
The state election commission conducts control and supervises municipality elections243K
Inter-State council263
Finance Commission of India280
A right to property(A legal right)300A
For the creation of all Indian services312
Union public service commission315
The decision of the central administrative tribunal can be challenged in the supreme court(dispute regarding central administrative tribunal with SC)323A
Election commission 324
Election of the house of people and to the legislative assemblies of states to be on the basis of adult suffrage326
The official language of the union343
National emergency352
State emergency356
Financial emergency 360
Governor is not responsible to any court for the performance of the power and duties of his office361
Power of the parliament to amend the constitution368
The special status of Jammu and Kashmir 370
To deal with LGBT 377
Constitution of India 395
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