Must Know List of Important International Borders

International Borders are the boarder-line between countries. These are basically the geographical borders of political or legal jurisdictions of countries or customs territories and/or sovereign states. These can be any human-made physical boundaries or natural physical forms like mountains, straits, rivers, channels etc. In this post, we are providing the world’s most important borders that are present between countries.

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All Important International Borders and Boundaries

Name of Lines/ International BordersBetweenFeatures/ Description
of International Borders
17th ParallelSouth Vietnam and North Vietnam.
It was demarcated based on the 1954 Geneva Accords.
The 17th latitude from the equator divided erstwhile North and South Vietnam.
20th ParallelLibya and SudanIt is located at the 20th northern latitude which is used as the border between Sudan and Libya.
22nd ParallelEgypt and SudanThe 22nd latitude north of the equator marks a major portion of the Sudan-Egypt border.
25th ParallelMauritania and MaliThe northernmost section of the Mali-Mauritania border is marked using this line.
31st ParallelIran and Iraq
It also demarcates the border between the US states of Louisiana and Mississippi.
The 31st northern latitude marks the border between Iraq and Iran.
38th ParallelSouth Korea and North KoreaThe 38th parallel is used to demarcate the central part of the Demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.
49th ParallelThe USA and Canada Demarcated after the Anglo-American Convention of 1818 and the Oregon Treaty of 1846, it forms the international border between the northern USA (Excluding Alaska) and Canada.It is located 49 degrees north of the equator.
Durand LinePakistan and Afghanistan Present-day Afghanistan does not recognize the Durand line.Delimited by Sir Mortimer Durand with the agreement of the erstwhile Amir of Afghanistan in 1893.
Hindenburg LinePoland and Germany
It was rendered irrelevant by the treaty of Versailles in 1919.
It was a German Defensive line in French territory during World War I
McMahon LineChina and IndiaIt was drawn by Sir Henry McMahon in consultation with Tibetan representatives in 1914.
Maginot LineGermany and FranceIt was a defensive line at the French border towards Germany before World War II. The Maginot line was rendered obsolete following the successful invasion of France by Germany following the outbreak of World War II
Mannerheim LineRussia and FinlandFinland built this as a defensive line against the Soviet Union for the Winter War during World War II.
Oder-Neisse LinePoland and Germany
It demarcates the Polish-German border according to the Potsdam Conference. It was recognized by a unified Germany in 1990.
It runs along the rivers Oder and Lusatian Neisse rivers.
Radcliffe LineIndia and Pakistan
It includes present-day India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.
It was demarcated by Sir Cyril Radcliffe for the Partition of India and the formation of East and West Pakistan.
Siegfried LineFrance and GermanyIt was built as an extension of the Hindenburg defensive line on the western front of World War I by the Weimar Republic and later the Third Reich of Germany in the 1930s.
Blue LineLebanon and IsraelA border demarcation between Lebanon and Israel published by the United Nations on 7 June 2000 for the purposes of determining whether Israel had fully withdrawn from Lebanon.
Green Line/ Attila Line / UN Buffer ZoneThe Republic of Cyprus and Turkish CyprusA demilitarized zone, patrolled by the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP), that was established in 1964 and extended in 1974 after the ceasefire of 16 August 1974


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