Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Free Education Program

Governments often prioritize achieving universal primary education by implementing policies that ensure free education for all children.

Infrastructure Development

Governments invest in improving educational infrastructure, such as building schools and classrooms, to accommodate more students and enhance the learning environment.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Governments provide scholarships and financial aid programs to support economically disadvantaged students.

Teacher Training and Recruitment

Governments emphasize the training and recruitment of qualified teachers to ensure quality education.

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Recognizing the importance of early childhood education, governments implement initiatives to expand access to ECE programs.

Technology Integration

Governments promote the use of technology in education to increase access to quality resources and remote learning opportunities.

Inclusive Education

Governments work towards inclusive education by implementing policies that cater to students with disabilities and diverse learning needs.

It is important to note that priorities differ based on available resources.