Access to Banking Service

Governments have launched initiatives to increase access to banking services, especially in underserved areas.

Microfinance Program

Microfinance involves providing small loans, savings, and other financial services to low-income individuals and entrepreneurs who lack access to traditional banking services.

Financial Literacy Campaign

Governments have launched financial literacy campaigns to educate people about basic financial concepts, budgeting, savings, and responsible borrowing.

Mobile Banking and Digital Payment

With the widespread adoption of mobile phones and digital technologies, governments have leveraged these platforms to promote financial inclusion.

Regulatory Reform

Govt. play an important role in creating an enabling regulatory environment that promotes financial inclusion and introduce policies and reforms to simplify regulatory processes.

Collaboration with Financial Institution

Governments often collaborate with financial institutions, both public and private, to promote financial inclusion.

Social Welfare Program

Governments often implement social welfare programs aimed at providing direct financial assistance to vulnerable populations.

Financial inclusion has to overcome multidimensional barriers and promote economic empowerment at both individual and community level. Click on the button below to know more